With high tech platform and advanced technique, application in the field of polyester fiber weaving. Products are labels, rolls of polyester fabric are designed with patterns and patterns weaving directly onto the fabric roll. Polyester is an effective insulation material, so it is used to produce pillows, blankets, mattresses, outerwear, sleeping bags, shoes, slippers, bags, purses, etc…

Woven Label

Labels are one of the most important elements in recognizing a product’s brand also the source of goods provenance as well as the information required in the label to be marketed. A unique design will carry out the DNA of your brand value. Because woven label can be used in a variety of yarns for knitting and the most common labels are brand labels on the clothes we dress everyday which are mostly made by 100% polyester that have the characters of washable and heat resistance.

Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard Fabric is made by inputting the designed pattern into the looming machine, and interlacing warp and weft at angles to each other, and therefore weaving an elegant and beautiful patterns of Jacquard. The yarn dyeing is better in weaving and the color than the printed fabric that makes itself a high-grade fabric.


Webbing is a narrow or tubular fabric made from various yarns which can widely used in clothing, footwear and luggage industries.

Printed Label

Printed label carries many important information to your clients, usual contents include size, composition and origin. Printing label express diversified style through different combination of various material and technics.


Embroidery is the art of stitching threads into various patterns and colors based on the based on the good fabric that have already been processed according to pattern designed. Embroidery can be applied to decorative layers; exquisite stitching with unique technology can make the product have the vivid finishing effect. With the development of technology, embroidery has developed diversified techniques in recent years, such as standard embroidery, sequins embroidery, beads embroidery, applique embroidery, chain stitch, 3D embroidery, toothbrush embroidery and combination embroidery.

Specific Materials & Woven Textiles

In recent years, environmental awareness has gradually risen, and customers’s demand for raw materials has also tended to use recycled materials. According to market demand, Yung Chang is also committed to the development of various environmentally friendly textiles. The recycled yarn is a fiber made from recycled PET bottles. The process not only reduces pollution, but also reduces the use of petrochemical raw materials, and greatly reduces carbon and energy consumption in order to make a contribution to slowing global warming. The PET bottle and the polyester are the same material, so the recycled yarn has the same product characteristics as the general polyester fiber, and is not only non-toxic but also highly safe.





Hi-tech equipment is imported completely from Europe



Paste Spreading

Laser Cutting